Thursday, June 23, 2005

NYU Refuses to Negotiate with Graduate Employees Union

From Voice@Work Update June 23, 2005

NYU Refuses to Negotiate with Graduate Employees Union
Last week New York University announced it plans to end recognition of its graduate employees’ union, the United Auto Workers Local 2110 (UAW), when the current contract ends Aug 31. NYU is exploiting a recent partisan decision issued by the Bush-appointed National Labor Relations Board (Brown University 341 NLRB No. 4) that reversed precedent affording graduate and teaching assistants protection under the National Labor Relations Act.

This is a slap in the face to university employees, who for several years worked cooperatively with the university to win important workplace improvements such as superior benefits for student teaching and research assistants, better compensation and clearer work rules.

NYU administrators made their position on unions clear in a memorandum issued by Executive Vice President Jacob Lew and Provost David McLaughlin, which said “NYU should no longer use a union as an intermediary with our students; accordingly, the University should not negotiate a new contract with the UAW.” Calling the UAW an “intermediary” reveals the university’s lack of respect for the workers decision to form a union.

In the coming days, we will ask Voice@Work activists to tell university administrators to honor workers’ decision to have a union with the UAW.

The New York Times version is here.


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