Monday, June 13, 2005

Paging Mr. Orwell

Does the Governor Have a Plan B For Code Red?

You gotta love the Gov! He ordered Joe Curran, the Maryland state Attorney General to drop out of a multistate challenge to the Bush administration's demolition of the EPA's air pollution regulations. Curran intended to forward Maryland's Department of the Environment advocacy of, "a national program with emission caps more stringent than current federal proposals . . . "

But wait, during the past General Assembly session, Ehrlich also opposed state anti-pollution legislation claiming that a state shouldn't involve itself in legislation that could involve out of state polluters.

Hmmmm, lessee. The state shouldn't tackle air pollution, the federal government shouldn't tackle air pollution, maybe we need to go to the UN . . . no that's no good, Bolton is gonna be "our" rep there . . .


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