Friday, June 17, 2005

Senator Steele (?)

From the Daily Kos: "MD-Sen: Steele will form exploratory committee" by kos Wed Jun 15th, 2005 at 09:56:55 PDT

The Maryland GOP has two players on its bench -- the state's governor, Robert Ehrlich (who we're taking out next year), and and Lt. Governor Michael Steele. After much national pressure, it looks like Steele is going to run.

Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele is expected to announce today the formation of an exploratory committee that would be his first step in seeking the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Paul S. Sarbanes, a source familiar with Steele's candidacy said.

The announcement has been expected for several weeks, as state and national Republicans have continued to encourage Steele to enter the race. Leading Republicans say Steele has the best chance of capturing a position last held by the GOP in 1987, when Sen. Charles McC. Mathias retired.

Republicans are excited that Steele is black, since that lynching business and related shenanigans make it hard for them to attract significant non-white support.

We Marylanders would be excited if the Republican party suddenly discovered that many Marylanders are black -- and deserve respect.

Michael Steele, The Lost Years
- During the last gubernatorial election Maryland dems filed a complaint saying that, in their view, the Man of Steele had acted in the capacity of an attorney when he attempted to arrange a financial settlement for his sister (who was trying to divorce Mike Tyson!). The Man of Steele is not a member of the Maryland Bar and his sister's dee-vorce was filed in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Taking a leaf from the Karl Rove strategy book, the Man of Steele shifted into full Rottweiler mode to "respond" to his critics, "My family is off limits in this debate," he said. "If my opponents want to try to destroy me, I welcome and will meet the challenge in kind. But my loved ones will not be attacked."

Hmmm, ". . . trying to destroy me" and "my loved ones will not be attacked" Destroy? Attacked? All we wanted to know was "did you belong to the Maryland Bar?" Gee, touchy touchy!


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