Wednesday, August 10, 2005

All hail Lee Atwater

A note from Harry:

Did you see this in today's Post? All hail Lee Atwater.

Can the Dems learn to frame economics in moral terms?

Jihad is an economic loser for those involved, but they don't care.

The Nazi movement was an economic loser for the Germans, it didn't matter, they followed Hitler anyway.

The GOP is an economic disaster for the working man, but it doesn't matter, that workin' man is sending a message by voting GOP.


"Sure, I ain't got a job, pension, or health insurance, but the menace of same-sex marriage has been stopped in its tracks."

Maybe those working folks who voted for Bush/Ehrlich would consider sending their next message by way of Hallmark? I'm sure we can dream up some form of communication that's a little less toxic to the nation and our offspring.


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