Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Dude, where's my party?

From our observer on the western shore of the Potomac:

After 9/11, Bush stood on the rubble and took credit for the rescue efforts. Now he's getting criticized for inaction during and after Katrina. Here's the difference between the two situations:

The first responders and rescuers in 9/11 were the firemen and policemen of New York City, a blue bastion that believes in the role of the public sector in ensuring the public welfare. Everyone who died in an official capacity in 9/11 was a union member.

The New Orleans flood was an example of a disaster in the red state Confederate culture. NPR reported this morning that a third of NOLA's police turned in their badges when the storm hit and fled.

Now imagine 9/11 this way--It's reported that two airplanes piloted by Islamic terrorists are headed toward Lower Manhattan. The stock brokers and CEOs leave the WTC and Wall Street for Philly and Albany, leaving the clerical workers and custodial staffs behind. The police and firemen head for the hinterlands, too. The planes crash, the buildings collapse, there are no firemen or police on the scene, Manhattan burns, and looting breaks out across NYC. The NYC public is told to head to Central Park, where they find twenty abandoned hot dog push-carts to feed the masses.

This is evidently what the GOP would prefer, after they have "shrunk government and strangled it in a bathtub."

Why aren't the Dems shouting the lesson that only big government can insure safety and security? Reagan always said government wasn't the solution to the problem, it was the problem. How does that wash with Katrina, or 9/11, for that matter? Where's my party?

- Harry


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