Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Fixing the mess they made

One year from today we will go to the polls to elect a Governor, a United States Senator and a whole host of state, county and local leaders. Every vote will help chart the direction of our State for years to come. There is a lot at stake, but one thing is for certain: we can not afford to continue moving backwards due to the failed leadership of Robert Ehrlich and Michael Steele.

Our State is suffering the consequences of the Ehrlich/Steele “give us a chance and we’ll give you a choice” administration. Well, the citizens of Maryland gave them a chance, and here’s what we got in return:

  • A veto of the $1 increase in the minimum wage, which at only $5.15 an hour is one of the lowest in the U.S.
  • A 40% increase in tuition at Maryland’s public colleges and universities
  • Nearly $2 billion in new taxes and fees, including an historic property tax increase
  • Public lands being sold to wealthy contributors
  • The bare minimum funding required by law for K-12 education
  • 3,000 sick children kicked off Medicaid
  • $42 million in cuts for nursing homes
Marylanders are already expressing their disapproval of Ehrlich and Steele – not to mention their vehement disgust with their good friend and ally, President George W. Bush.

Please also consider getting involved, if you are not already, with a Democratic organization or campaign in your area. A list of Democratic organizations can be found here, and an ever-expanding list of Democratic candidates can be found here.

Next November 7, the voters of Maryland will take back our State. The work we do together in the next year will not only result in a resounding Democratic victory up and down the ballot, but will help usher in a new era of progress and prosperity for our State.

Terry Lierman
Democratic Party


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