Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hold your nose - Part II

First Karl Rove, now this. Who's next, Ken Lay?

George Bush is coming to Maryland

George Bush is coming to Maryland to raise money for Michael Steele's U.S. Senate campaign.

Shockingly, Steele eagerly associates himself with Bush's misplaced priorities, scandal-ridden Administration, dismal response to Hurricane Katrina and failed Iraq policy. ". . . It is an honor, and we look forward to it," says a Steele campaign aide.

The event is next week, November 30th, at the M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. The special interests clamoring to attend will give $5,000 each to have their photograph taken with Bush and Steele!

This is only Steele's second public fundraising event. The first Steele event was at Republican headquarters in Washington, D.C., hosted by Karl Rove - proving that Steele's only hope is to tie his fortunes to Bush, Rove and the "swift boat" tactics of the RNC. Rove and the national Republicans have promised to import into Maryland $15 million from their national right-wing allies in an attempt to buy a U.S. Senate seat in Maryland.

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