Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thank a state employee today

With all that is going on in Annapolis concerning the costs of state employees (health insurance, pay raises, etc.), this would be good time to send letters to the editors of papers about the fact that state employees are not an expense - they are a vital benefit to the well being of our state.

With Thanksgiving coming up, this is a perfect time to say - Have you thanked a state employee this year?

Here is an outline for such a letter.


As we approach the holidays and think about all that we are thankful for, have you thanked a state employee? While at first you may think this is strange but we are more than an expense to the state. We provide vital service that Marylanders rely upon every day.

I’ve worked for the state for ___ years as a _____. My job is important to the citizens of Maryland because ___________.

I’m sure you’ve seen state employees portrayed as a mere line item in the budget, but I can tell you that my job is more than just an insignificant expense. My co-workers and I provide vital services to the citizens of Maryland. Asked them what they would do if our jobs were eliminated?

When you’re counting your blessings this year, don’t forget to thank a state employee for his/her service to the


If you would like further assistance on drafting something, or finding our where to send the letter, please contact Sue.

Sue Esty
Legislative Director
AFSCME Council 92
190 W. Ostend St.
Baltimore, MD 21230


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