Thursday, November 17, 2005

We have a scarcity of knowledge

"The university is bracing for a maintenance worker shortage"?
How, exactly? The choices seem to be limited by economic elitism - -

  • Continue the ten-year policy of increasing the ratio of managers to line workers?
  • Contract the work out?

Wait! there may be a better way . . . You might ask the line workers for their ideas. No, that's too obvious!

University faces dearth of maintenance employees
Department struggles to retain workers in the aftermath of budget cuts

by Megha Rajagopalan
The Diamondback
November 11, 2005

The university is bracing for a maintenance worker shortage that over the next five years will hurt the university’s ability to maintain campus buildings, officials said.

Budget cuts several years ago forced the university to slash its maintenance staff nearly in half even though the university continues to grow both in size and population, said Director of Operations and Maintenance Jack Baker. The expected shortage of maintenance workers comes in the midst of a looming half billion dollars needed to repair and maintain campus buildings.


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