Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Who speaks loudest?

Why would Wal-Mart, a major American corporation fight so hard against the proposition that all employees have a right to health care insurance?

Note the use of words like "battle" and "showdown." Wal-Mart's "ammunition" in Annapolis is money--it sure isn't reason or ethics. They think only money talks.

As Ambassador Joseph Wilson has demonstrated, stopping this kind of crap depends on you standing up to power.

All it requires is a letter, email, or phone call. Active citizens can overcome spending any day of the week.

Wal-Mart Girds for Battle on Maryland Bill

Benefits Measure Spurs a Buildup Of Lobbying Force

By John Wagner
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, November 17, 2005; Page A01

Preparing for a showdown with organized labor in the Maryland legislature, Wal-Mart has deployed at least a dozen Annapolis lobbyists and is making strong overtures to black lawmakers, including a $10,000 donation to help them pay for a recent conference.

The retail giant hopes to derail legislation that would effectively force the company to boost spending on employee health benefits.


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