Thursday, March 09, 2006

Big-league political football

“Facing budget deficits, Mr. Ehrlich slashed colleges’ budgets, and tuition levels soared to among the nation’s costliest. This year, the state is flush, so it’s politically convenient to try to make colleges whole and dampen tuition increases. Now Democrats would put in even more state money and freeze tuition. Then what happens when state budget deficits very soon return, as predicted? More university system cuts and more 10 percent tuition increases?”

We can understand this. Football has always been good to the gov. It got him out of Arbutus and into Gilman prep, then to Princeton, and now the metaphor serves him well in Annapolis.

Unfortunately, his 12.5-percent UMS budget increase does not
“ . . . make colleges whole and dampen tuition increases.” The increase returns the budget to the level of a year ago. You can bet that his 40-percent tuition increase will not be rescinded.

This year's paltry 2-percent staff wage increase is all the more galling when UMS squandered much of the gov's 12.5 percent on pet projects. Yes, I'm talking about UMS buying the Ward Decoy Museum among other idiocies.
“A firm and farsighted state commitment to funding higher education is absolutely critical to the long-term health of Maryland’s economy. Unfortunately, as recent history shows, Maryland’s commitment is uncertain and shortsighted. State leaders need to get serious about figuring out how to pay for the kind of university system this wealthy, educated state deserves.”

. . . but first, the gov’s gotta go watch the Terps.
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